15-year-old in quarantine kills time with schoolwork

PETALING JAYA: Determined not to let Covid-19 affect her studies, a plucky Form Three student who tested positive for the coronavirus is trying to keep her chin up.

Rafia Ahmad, 15, has been diligently focusing on her schoolwork since being placed under quarantine at her friend’s house in Kota Kinabalu.

The Sabahan first tested negative on Oct 1 and again later, before testing positive during the third swab on Saturday.

She had been in contact with a positive case while visiting her friend’s family in Kota Kinabalu, where she is currently being quarantined with seven others.

Government rules state that those who have been in close contact with a known positive case must undergo a Covid-19 swab test, plus a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

“There is nothing to do under quarantine besides schoolwork, so that is what I’ve been trying to focus on, ” Rafia said in a telephone interview.

Describing her experience of taking three swab tests as nerve-wrecking, she said it was a constant worry after finding out that her friend’s father had the virus.

His wife, her friend’s cousin and maid were also infected.

Rafia’s first thought after learning that her friend’s father was a positive case was whether anyone else in the house was also infected.

“I have not been able to meet my family.

“Sometimes I cannot focus on schoolwork or online lessons as my head is full of worry, ” she said.

She also has to skip her online lessons when doctors come to do tests in the house.

Her teacher and close friends have been supportive throughout.

“My family has been trying to keep my spirits up. They are motivating me to continue studying, ” she said.

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