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By Ryann Brooks


Mobilizing Literacy urged families to learn about financial literacy, nutrition and making healthy choices during its LEAP Nutrition and Literacy night at the Bowyer Community Building, Thursday.

The theme, “The PR$CE IT RIGHT,” drew 14 families to register for the event. The events have been a collaboration with Emily Prouse of the Lyon County Extension Office, Erin Blocker, LEAP! Coordinator Erin Blocker, Migrant Education Coordinator Patricia Saenz-Reyes and USD 253 employee Erin Krueger.

“We’ve been doing this now for a few months and we’ve had to really watch our mitigation strategies and make sure everything was approved by our HR department at school,” said Mobilizing Literacy director Jodi Case. “It’s really nice to have that many hands on deck. But the cool thing is, is we’ve really tried to promote health and nutrition.”

LEAP! promotes physical and mental health, brain health and activity and literacy.

“We tried to combine all those things into a family engagement night and so the family engagement piece is, of course, always literacy and games,” Case said. “We’re trying to talk about saving money and not spending it and we’re also trying to encourage families to try to estimate grocery shopping and groceries in general. So, we have basket and they had to estimate what was in the basket.”

Prouse also provided green snack and a take-home crockpot freezer meal for each family. Each child also received a money jar that tabulates coins to help support saving money.

“Mobilizing Literacy took care of the funds for literacy resources and some of the door prizes and Erin Blocker took care of some of the door prizes as well,” Case said. “Patricia helps contribute not only with her being bilingual and communicating with families that are attending that can’t speak English, but because she’s providing a service for free.”

Saenz-Reyes brings equipment so non-English speaking attendees can listen to her translations through headsets and follow along.

“It’s so exciting to me that people work together and rely upon each other,” Case said. “We’re creating these relationships and it’s just really nice.”

Mobilizing Literacy’s final event of the year is scheduled for May 13. Follow the organization on Facebook for details.

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