Dairy ingredients make nutrition personal

The weekly shop can become a complicated affair when the focus is on buying foods for the nutritional needs of each family member. That’s the direction consumers are heading, according to Innova. To back it up, the market analysis specialist has pinpointed ‘Tailored to Fit’ as a top trend for 2021 – and it’s an open invitation to dairy innovation.

Many consumers already perceive fresh dairy products as healthy, giving dairy companies a well-primed starting point for tapping into the personalized nutrition opportunity. The key is to wrap nutritious ingredients in convenient products with high appeal and clear on-pack information. Most importantly, manufacturers must be up to date with the needs, beliefs and lifestyle of the individuals they target.

Insights into purchase drivers

To gain more detailed insights into these consumer expectations, a DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences survey investigated how certain target groups – millennials, families and seniors – perceive the yogurt category in particular.

Respondents in France, Germany and Russia answered questions about what drives their yogurt purchases. While the responses were roughly similar across countries, the differences between target groups were more clearly defined.

“The survey showed us that the health aspects of yogurt are most important to families and seniors, with seniors having the highest interest in the regulation of body functions, including digestion, immunity and weight. On the other hand, both millennials and seniors emphasized the energizing properties of yogurt in support of an active lifestyle,”​ said Eve Martinet-Bareau, global product manager at DuPont.

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