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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday once again urged the Hazara community to bury the miners who were killed in Balochistan and asked them to stop “blackmailing” him. 

Khan said that the government has accepted all the demands of the minority community, except one that the prime minister must visit before the dead are buried. 

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“One of their demands is that the dead will be buried when the premier visits. I have sent them a message that when all of your demands have been accepted … you don’t blackmail the prime minister of any country like this,” Khan was quoted as saying by Dawn during the launching ceremony of the Special Technology Zones Authority in Islamabad.

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“Anyone will blackmail the prime minister then,” he added and included a “band of cooks” which was apparently directed towards the opposition alliance of Pakistan Democratic Movement. 

He said that once the deceased were buried, he will meet the families of the deceased. 

“This should be clear. All of your demands have been met but you can’t impose a condition which has (no logic). So first, bury the dead. If you do it today then I guarantee you that I will come to Quetta today,” said Khan. 

Khan’s comments came as the minority Hazara community continued their protests for the sixth day on Friday refusing to bury those killed over the weekend. 

Armed men slit throats of 11 miners on Sunday in a residential compound in Balochistan’s Mach coalfield area.

The entire incident was filmed and later posted online and was the Islamic State claimed the responsibility of the attack. 

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