Form 4 History textbook complies with all publication processes, says MOE

PUTRAJAYA (Bernama): The Secondary School Standard Curriculum (KSSM) Form Four History textbook has complied with all the publication processes to ensure the quality of the textbook including factual accuracy, says the Education Ministry (MOE).

‘’The publication process of the KSSM Form Four History textbook has undergone a tight quality control process, ’’ said MOE in a statement on Thursday (Feb 25).

This followed calls by some quarters that it should be banned for allegedly manipulating facts apart from being filled with communist elements as fighters for independence.

The quality control process encompassed mapping content, manuscript writing, preparation and proofreading of pages, camera-ready copy, camera-ready copy certification, sample copy, appreciation of textbook cover and sample copy approval to prepare handout copies, it said.

The process involved a MOE History Curriculum Reference and History Textbook Expert Panel, Textbook Quality Improvement Committee, External Readers Committee and MOE 4 Technical Evaluation Committee, said the statement.

‘’To mediate on certain facts, MOE obtains historical facts confirmation and contents from government agencies involved such as the National Archives, National Museum, Malaysian Historical Society, Election Commission and State Secretaries, ’’ said the statement.

MOE said the publication of the textbook was based on the Standard Curriculum and Assessment Document (DSKP) and followed the MOE textbook publication standard operation procedure, which was updated in 2018.

MOE said the DSKP for the KSSM Form 4 History had been scrutinised, reviewed and certified as valid by the MOE History Curriculum and History Text Book Panel of Expert on April 24,2018.

‘’They are seven history experts from various specialisations and races. The contents of DSKP for KSSM Form 4 History are based on the MOE Report of the Special Committee to Review MOE’s History Curriculum and Secondary School History Textbook (2011-2012), ’’ said the statement.

MOE said the selection of textbook writers was based on Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka’s Book Package Publication Procedure and following specific criteria, namely, with a history education background and experienced in writing historical textbooks.- Bernama

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