Healthy ageing & nutrition central to UK Life Sciences Vision

Published yesterday, the publication ​sets out the healthcare areas the government intends to address, using the lessons learnt and success achieved from its COVID-19 response, in the fight against cancer and dementia.

“We are indebted to the ingenuity of UK life sciences and its pioneers, with the discovery of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and the seamless collaboration between our scientists, industry, regulators and NHS saving millions of lives during the pandemic,”​ says Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We must make sure this is the norm and use this new way of working to search for life-changing breakthroughs against diseases such as cancer, dementia and obesity, as we have done with COVID.

“That’s why we are setting out our new Life Sciences Vision to bottle the formula we have developed to tackle COVID and improve health outcomes for patients across the board in the UK, and secure jobs and investment in the process as we build back better.”

The biology of ageing

One of the commitments made by Johnson is to address the underlying biology of ageing, in which the Vision will set out to identify common underpinning mechanisms that lead to organ decline and fail, which characterises the ageing process.

“There is a wealth of emerging literature on mechanisms believed to be involved in common ageing processes in multiple organs,” ​the publication’s authors write.

“These include DNA repair, telomer shortening, stem cell regeneration, insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signalling, nutritional factors and chronic inflammation.

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