Local student achieves highest HSC results possible

WHILE 2020 posed different tiers of challenges for students, one student managed to make his mark with the help of teachers and the support of his family.

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) student Alexander Kam achieved the highest score attainable of 99.95 for his Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) program.

“It was incredibly surreal to achieve this. I always thought such a score would be impossible because only a handful of students would get it. But I did. I’m relieved that all the years and hours I spent studying haven’t gone to waste, ” says Kam who beat the previous AISM record score of 99.

Kam attributes his success to his teachers, describing them as his “greatest asset”.

“I can’t thank them enough. Their advice was absolutely invaluable in helping me through the HSC.

“The support of my family helped me as well. I have been incredibly privileged to have assistance at home. I cannot imagine studying to the same extent that I did without them, ” he said, adding that he will be forever indebted to them.

Kam attributes his personal growth to extra curricular activities at AISM.Kam attributes his personal growth to extra curricular activities at AISM.

Mindset makes the man

In order to get a top rank, he said, thinking like a student from a top ranked school is vital and AISM provided that guidance.

A student with AISM for some 13 years, Kam notes that although a top student, his personal growth began when he joined the World Scholar’s Cup and Model United Nations.

“It was there where I learnt how to be a scholar, study outside of school, debate and write compelling essays. Some of my fondest memories are from really intense debates and spending time chairing the Model UN Security Council in Singapore.”

While those experiences made him a better student and person, Kam also had to overcome the challenges of his exams.

Without skipping a beat, he adjusted his study methods when a new curriculum for certain subjects was introduced.

“I think students need to understand that it’s not just the lessons that teach you, as you can learn by talking to your teachers.”


Seizing unseen opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic posed another challenge with classes moved online and regular schooling disrupted.

“I realised that I now have so much free time, so I studied ahead and finished up the coursework a term ahead of my class.

“AISM also made it easy during the MCO because we could just email our teachers and set up virtual meetings to discuss any issue. Students need initiative in doing all this, so if there isn’t any initiative, you can’t take advantage of the situation, ” added the Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh International Award completer.

AISM is proud to congratulate all Distinguished Achievers (students who achieved the highest possible band in one or more subjects) in 12 different subjects for their remarkable achievement in the 2020 HSC.

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