MCA lauds High Court decision to strike out vernacular school lawsuit

PETALING JAYA: MCA lauds the High Court decision to strike out a suit challenging the existence of vernacular schools in Malaysia, saying everyone should move forward in pursuit of constructive and practical changes.

The party’s secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon (pic) said that MCA, which was one of the parties that intervened in the suit, would continue to defend mother tongue education in Malaysia.

“MCA welcomes the decision and reaffirms the party’s stance to defend the rights of every race to study in their own mother tongue as provisioned by the Federal Constitution and in view of Malaysia’s diverse, multicultural background.

“With the High Court’s decision, we hope that society can move forward as a united community and pursue matters which are more constructive and practical, ” he said in a statement on Tuesday (Oct 27).

On Monday (Oct 26), the High Court in Kota Baru, Kelantan struck out a suit filed by Muslim teachers group, Ikatan Guru-Guru Muslim Malaysia, that questioned the existence of vernacular schools in Malaysia.

Judge Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh made the decision after no lawyers were present to represent the teachers’ group.

Ikatan Guru-Guru Muslim Malaysia president Mohd Azizee Hasan filed the suit in February, challenging the constitutionality of Sections 17 and 28 of the Education Act.

Chong noted that Malaysia is blessed with a strong multicultural background, but it is often bent into conceited narratives by irresponsible parties.

“Since Merdeka 63 years ago (sic), all Malaysians live under the provisions of the Federal Constitution with no restrictions to learning in their respective mother tongue.

“However, this has turned into an issue of contention in recent years.

“These pointless lawsuits are a waste of time and money and do not serve any purpose except impede societal advancement, ” he said.

He also noted that the court decision is a reminder and assurance to all Malaysians “to cherish the unique bond we share with all other races so that we together can contribute for the betterment of our beloved nation.”

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