MMC suspends medical grads’ applications pending review

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has suspended all applications from fresh medical graduates from institutions whose name or qualification differs from those gazetted.

This includes applications for Temporary Registration Certificates and letters to qualify for registration.The council said it had identified a group of local and foreign institutions which were found to have differences in the name of the qualification and/or the name of the institution on the basic medical degree scroll from those gazetted in the Second Schedule of the Medical Act 1971 (Amendment 2012).

“The purpose for the detection and suspension is so that there will be no issues arising in the future if the medical practitioner wants to apply for registration with MMC, for example, an application for

Full Registration and Specialist Registration,” it said in a statement on Thursday.

It added that in a letter from the Health Ministry’s legal adviser dated June 14, the council could register the medical practitioner under two conditions.

The conditions, it said, were that the discrepancy in the name of the qualification and/or the name of the institution was due to an editorial error and not substantive, meaning that it would not affect or cause confusion in identifying the institution and the qualification.

“Then, MMC can implement the registration under Section 12 of the Medical Act 1971 (Amendment 2012) while waiting for the editorial error to be amended and gazetted,” it said.Based on this recommendation, MMC said it would allow the Temporary Registration process to continue immediately for cases of graduates from 36 institutions from nine countries that had been identified as showing editorial errors.

“At the same time, a process of correction and gazetting will be carried out,” it added.

Among the 36 institutions are the International Islamic University Malaysia; Universiti Teknologi Mara; Universitas Gajah Mada, Indonesia; Volgograd State Medical University, Russia; Medical University of Lodz, Poland; University of Manchester, United Kingdom; and University of Kharthoum, Sudan.

MMC gave the assurance that medical practitioners from these institutions who were already registered with the council before the correction and gazetting was done were legally registered.

It also said graduates from the 36 institutions could submit their Temporary Registration applications from June 17 through the Medical Register Information and Technical System.

The full statement and list of institutions can be found at

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