Nexus focuses on student wellbeing amidst online learning

WITH the recent movement control order (MCO 2.0), hybrid learning – a combination of in person and online education – could be the future as education institutions turn to Zoom, Google Classroom and See Saw.

Parents and teachers have learnt to adapt to the new normal and turned challenging moments into inspiring ones.

Touted as Malaysia’s leading international school using technology for learning, Nexus International School banded together as a community to inspire continuous learning with students wellbeing taking priority.

Addressing emotional wellbeing

Learning from home and the lack of social interaction during MCO could induce stress and anxiety amongst students, on top of the ongoing battle against Covid-19.

Nexus teachers and leaders keep a close eye on relationships and the emotional wellbeing of their students and boarders (students who have remained in the on-site boarding house).

Covid-19 safety videos and signages around the school aim to provide adequate safety advice and to empower students to take control of their own safety by following the standard operating procedures (SOP) instead of being afraid of the virus.

As for early years learners, cartoon animations were designed by Nexus teachers for better understanding.

Encouraging global citizenship

It is paramount that students are given the opportunity to contribute to their communities.

Nexus through its creativity, action and service component provides International Baccalaureate (IB) students the opportunity to reach out and uplift their communities and those that are in need.

The Race for Good competition sees IB students develop a business plan to support a community in Nepal and was recognised by the IB community for their excellent contribution.

Opportunities like these are important for students to contribute to something greater than themselves and create a meaningful learning environment for future changemakers.

The Digital Detox challenge whereby students document 30 minutes of their day for a month doing offline and screen activities. The Digital Detox challenge whereby students document 30 minutes of their day for a month doing offline and screen activities.

Managing screen time

While learning from home involves a lot of screen time, a balance with offline activities has greatly reduced.

The Nexus Pastoral and Boarding team motivates students to keep a balance of activities that include time away from their screens. For older students the team came up with initiatives like Physical Fitness Challenges, Art and Cooking Challenges, and a Digital Detox Challenge.

The Digital Detox Challenge is a month-long event whereby students would document 30 minutes of their day spent away from devices – doing household chores, journaling, drawing and much more.

Join Nexus Open Days

The school would be holding virtual open days on Feb 2 (8pm) and Feb 4 (4pm). Register here and enjoy a free virtual workshop on stockbroking run by Nexus Economics teacher David Smith.

Accredited as one of the first Apple Distinguished Schools in Malaysia, Nexus International School has pioneered innovative online learning approaches for more than a decade in Malaysia.

For more information on Nexus International School programmes from pre-school to pre-university and to learn more about its online learning programme, visit

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