Parents and students worry about SPM preparations

PETALING JAYA: Parents and Form Five students are worried that online classes will affect their preparations for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam.

Most students prefer to study in school rather than online as it was easier to understand the topics face-to-face.

Parent Syarifah Hasnah Syed Yusoff, 43, from Lenggong, Perak, said the Education Ministry’s (MOE) decision to postpone the SPM is necessary but she is worried that online learning would affect her daughter’s academic performance.

“The postponement is necessary to keep parents and students safe from being exposed to the risk of contracting Covid-19 when attending school.

“However, I am quite worried as my daughter is having problems understanding certain topics during her online lessons, ” the homemaker said, adding that the online classes were organised by the school.

She said her daughter might experience some anxiety due to the postponement of the SPM exam.

“I don’t think having more online classes will be effective and help my daughter understand the subjects.

“However, considering the current pandemic situation, there is nothing much I can do. We need to follow MOE’s recommendations, ” she said.

Nur Dini Zupli, 24, who has a sister sitting for SPM, said the ministry should have stuck to the earlier plan of having the exams next January.

She said her sister needed to readjust her study plan as lessons were now back online and the postponement was not making things easier for Form Five students.

“I hope the government has a better solution in handling this situation for SPM candidates.

“Priority should be given to them considering they are the ones who will be sitting for the national exams.

“During the first movement control order, she attended online classes. And even during that time, I could tell that she was struggling to understand all the lessons.

“The approach of physical classes and online classes is totally different. You get the message but not as much as when you were sitting in class, ” the engineer from Shah Alam said.

She also said her sister showed improvement when schools were opened but going back to online classes could leave a negative impact on her.

SPM candidate Shaik Muhd Irfan Shaik Wahid said the new SPM dates was not a problem but the learning process remained an issue.

“Currently, we are having online classes via Google Meet or Zoom but the schedule is not fixed.

“The learning process is not only reduced, but the environment at home is also not conducive for us to focus and study, ” the 17-year-old said.

Irfan added that online learning was not as effective as a face-to -face interaction in school.

But he admitted that this was probably the best solution as the number of new Covid-19 cases kept getting higher.

“The psychological effect of learning at home with lots of distractions and procrastination have made me feel demotivated.

“However, with the recent numbers of cases, I totally understand the MOE’s rationale to close schools to help flatten the curve, ” he said, adding that this was not the best solution in the long run.

“Overall, the postponement surely isn’t ideal for us but it is the only solution that fits the situation we are currently facing, ” Irfan said.

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