Rexius Nutrition moves business location in with 24 LiveFit | Local

“The opportunity to come in and partner with them, be right here in the center of town with a lot of traffic, a lot of road frontage, be very visible, it was definitely attractive,” Stark said. “So it’s been pretty dang good.”

For three weeks, Rexius Nutrition was moved into LiveFit’s old kids’ corner, with an old tanning area used as storage. The store is accessible from a separate outside door.

With the new location opening at May 10, Stark said the open presence with the gym and its traffic has been “fantastic.”

“We’re really excited for when college students get back on campus and they’re within walking distance basically,” he said. “And so I think that’s going to be huge for our traffic from the college kids especially.”

For Claussen, he said the new location feels like what the original Rexius Nutrition was meant to be.

“It feels kind of like home,” he said. “It feels like if it was back at the other spot or if we were back at the other spot, it feels like it wouldn’t be right, just because having the natural flow coming from the gym to over here.”

Both Stark and Claussen agreed that Rexius Nutrition’s new location couldn’t be better for their business, as well as 24 Livefit’s.

“Thank you to the Fremont community for the support over the last five-and-a-half years,” Stark said, “and we’re looking forward to serving them for a lot longer.”

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