Sarasota Sports Medicine Launches Nutritional Program

Jenna Cash (Office Manager), Dr. Joshua O'Dea (acupuncture physician), Dr. Ken Kaufman (Owner of Sarasota Sports Medicine/ chiropractor for the Baltimore Orioles), Heather Hacket (Nutrition Consultant), and Angie Sherk (Clinical Assistant).

Sarasota Sports Medicine has partnered with national fitness franchise Orangetheory to help people get into healthy routines through food and exercise. The “Get Real in 2021” kicked off last week with a wine and appetizer night that included information about Sarasota Sports Medicine’s program, a ribbon-cutting with the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, and day passes and giveaways to local Orangetheory locations. For more information about the Get Real in 2021 program, click here.

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