“Stop Asian hate” — WSU students gather on campus to raise awareness on current hate crimes

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – ‘Stop Asian hate’ — a group of Wichita State University students gathered on campus Friday evening to raise awareness for Asian hate crimes in the U.S.

Jordan Cao, the organizer of Friday evening’s event says that young Asian Americans have to speak up and be the change in their community. He says while the Asian community has been quiet in the past, that has to change to make an impact on the future of America.

At least a hundred students came out and joined the group, many taking time to share their thoughts. “It still affects us, even though like there’s a lot of times it happens on the east or west coast — it still affects us here,” said Sarah Myose, who was one of the event organizers.

Truc Nguyen, who also helped organize the event, said she knows loved ones who fear going out in public now because of the current Asian hate crimes in the U.S. “We all have elderly ones who are very afraid of going outside, so we just want to spread awareness — so hopefully people will pay more attention, and protect our elderly a little bit more,” Nguyen said.

After the three organizers of the event spoke, they opened up the microphones for anyone to share their experiences.

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