The makings of a great teacher

WHAT makes a good teacher?

To answer this question, one has to reflect on the experiences and sentiments shared by retired educators. They have valuable nuggets of wisdom and truth when it comes to transforming the proverbial diamond in the rough.

In order for teachers to make an impact, they have to engage and interact with their students.

As students have multiple levels of intelligence, teachers have to spend time with them to discover their unique talents, gifts and inclinations.

When a teacher has recognised their charge’s strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier for them to restructure the lessons according to their student’s character and style of learning.

Teachers today are highly qualified, skilled and competent with many holding Masters and PhDs in Education.

We also have teachers who are computer-savvy and competent in using the Internet to teach their lessons in the classroom.

However, some of these highly academically qualified and skilled teachers are unable to make an impact on their students because they have no bond with them.

Teachers have to establish trust and connection so that students accept them and their teachings.

Furthermore, teachers should inject fun and a sense of humour in their lessons.

They need to be multi-talented and be actors, magicians, singers, storytellers and orators in the classroom in order to entertain and attract the students’ attention.

Schools and classrooms have generally been labelled as boring and mundane.

That explains why children usually “run home and walk to school” because the home has more fun and games.

So it is the teacher’s duty to transform the classroom into a more fun and interactive environment so that children would instead “run to school and walk home”.

Teachers have to touch hearts, teach minds and transform lives. Without touching and connecting to their hearts, students will reject their teachers no matter how good they are.

Finally, the greatest quality of good teachers is having a love for students. Teachers should love students unconditionally as their own children.

This is the ultimate quality that makes students appreciate teachers and learn better.

When teachers puts their heart and soul into teaching, students will listen and remember them for life.

Mediocre teachers tell, good teachers explain, superior teachers demonstrate and great teachers inspire.



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