Undergraduates at home told to delay return to campuses

PETALING JAYA: Undergraduates who are at home have been told to delay their return to campuses following the enforcement of a lockdown starting Tuesday (June 1).

The Higher Education Ministry said the students would continue with the online teaching and learning.

“Students who need to be on campus and are already there will have to remain there for the duration of the lockdown.

“They must remain on campus and are only allowed out with the permission of the higher education institution (HEI) management, in compliance with the standard operating procedures, ” the ministry said in a statement on Monday (May 31).

The ministry added that research activities involving laboratories and special equipment can only be done on an individual basis and only if it was a necessity, with the permission of the relevant department head and adhering to the SOP.

It also said that off-campus students engaged in research activities requiring laboratory facilities and special equipment, need to obtain a letter of permission to enter and exit the campus from their respective HEI.

“All academic and non-academic staff are to work from home. They are not allowed to be in the office except for necessary services and need to have an official letter from their respective HEIs and employee passes, ” it said.

However, it added that 20% of the staff can be in the office to perform work that cannot be done from home and for a maximum of four hours on a rotational basis.

Student activities such as co-curricular, club and society activities that are face-to-face and in groups are not allowed, and need to be done virtually for the time being.

“Students are also allowed to exercise individually in open areas on campus without physical contact and maintaining two or three metres apart, as stated in the current SOP.

“Those sitting for international examinations or professional bodies are allowed to sit for the exams subject to strict adherence to SOP.

“Foreign students are allowed to enter the country following the SOP set by the Immigration Department, ” it said.

The ministry added that it was concerned and aware of the importance in ensuring the studies of the HEI students continue to run smoothly despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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