Yemen Nutrition Cluster Bulletin, Issue 10: Jan-Dec 2020 – Yemen


In 2020, the nutrition cluster comprised of 43 partners (4 UN agencies, 2 government, 20 international NGOs, and 17 local NGOs) that collectively recorded significant achievements, key achievements included:

  • Overall, the nutrition cluster reached 81% of People in Need (PIN) and 167% of the targeted beneficiaries these include: a total of 6,000,328 which includes 1,198,520 girls, 1,151,520 boys and 3,650,198 Pregnant and Lactating Women were reached with critical nutrition services in the period January to December 2020.

  • Outpatient therapeutic feeding program (OTP) was implemented in 332 districts in 2020. The number of districts prioritized for Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program (TSFP) increased to from 290 in 2019 to 323 districts, however, TSFP was implemented in 297 (92%) by the end of December 2020. Meanwhile, the coverage of OTP and TSFP sites increased to 4,144 (83%) and 3,576 (75% ) in health facilities in prioritized districts respectively in 2020

  • The number of children under five with severe acute malnutrition admitted in OTP sites reached 289,953 representing 93% of the annual target. Moreover, 17,638 children were suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) with medical complications were treated in Therapeutic Feeding Centers (TFCs).

  • A total of 738,085 children under five with moderate acute malnutrition were admitted in the TSFP, representing 74% of the annual target. The corresponding figure for PLW was 755,335 representing 112% of the annual target.

  • Children 6-59 months reached with micronutrient powders (MNPs) supplementation was 883,391 representing 46% of the annual target. Vitamin A supplementation was provided to a total of 1,637,812 under-five children representing 90% of the annual target.

  • Meanwhile, 748,099 children under two years and 520,390 pregnant and lactating women were enrolled in Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP) representing 111% and 83% of the annual target respectively.

  • In addition, nutrition education on improving exclusive breast feeding in the first 6 months and IYCF counselling for children under two years was provided to 3,195,059 pregnant and lactating women and care givers. Finally, 1,572,642 pregnant and lactating women received Iron Folate supplementation.

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